Quality policy


The activities that BC MOTORS S.L. considers to be appropriate following the quality requirements stated in the ISO 9001:2015 Standard are: “Electric motors design, development, manufacture and selling”

The main goal of BC MOTORS S.L. is to meet the clients’ requirements and expectations, as well as the strict compliance of all the current legal requirements, as well as continuous improvement in all aspects of the company.

That is why we establish and assume the following principles:


  • To open new International markets in sectors where we can stand out thanks to our innovative proposals, qualified technical developments, and a service and deadlines that match the clients’ needs.
  • To identify the market needs in order to adjust to every moment the company’s technology according to the trends in energy saving, in accordance with the current regulations and policies for the future and sustainability.
  • To be a benchmark in the asynchronous electric motors field.
  • To maintain a close relationship with the suppliers of strategic components and take advantage of the synergies with companies from different sectors, especially with OEMs that produce with high levels of performance and energy efficiency.
  • To invest in the implementation of a testing lab that should be a fundamental tool for researching and developing new products, as well as a major asset for our implantation in the market.
  • To allocate the required human, technical and economic resources in order to offer products that match each client’s needs.


  • To have the suitable human team with the appropriate training for each job at our disposal.
  • To encourage the motivation of its employees, as well as their participation in the different areas of responsibility and teamwork.
  • To encourage the constant competence of all the staff, ensuring their continued training, their awareness for quality and ethics in the performance of their duties.


  • To make sure that all the processes are efficient and controlled.
  • To have the latest electric motor testing equipment available.

The Management Team makes this policy statement available and offers it to its clients, employees, suppliers and other interested parties. This policy statement is updated periodically, coinciding with the Management Reviews, so that the changes in the environment conditions and the received information are considered. In this sense, the Management Team provides and will provide all the human, technical and economic means to achieve the established goals and principles.

Josep Compta
Date: 01-09-18